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Fairy Tale Physics

The Fairy Tale Physics book series combines the captivating narrative of fairy tales with fundamental physics principles to spark kid's curiosity and enthusiasm for science.

Industry: Book Publishing
Role: Email Marketing Strategy, Copywriter

I developed a strategic roadmap and wrote the copy for a five-part lead magnet email sequence.

fairy tale physics newtons laws.jpg

Lead Magnet Email Sequence Roadmap

✅ Email #1: Lead Magnet

Goal: Inform your audience

Strategy: Explain the product 


  • Explain who the books are for and what they accomplish

✅ Email #2: Who is Kip? 

Goal: Entice them (or their student) to read the free download​

Strategy: Entertain them

  • Provide a brief story synopsis 

  • Show off an illustration from the book

✅ Email #3: Who is Sarah? 

Goal: Make it personal

Strategy: Introduce yourself

  • Author photo

  • What inspired the author to write this series

  • Why Sarah Allen is an authority on this subject 

  • Fun facts about the author

✅ Email #4: Did you know?

Goal: Provide value 

Strategy: Pique their interest with knowledge

  • Share a fun physics fact from the first book in the series

  • Explain the book series is all about engaging, easy-to-understand material 

✅ Email #5: Prove it's worth it

Goal: Get them to make a purchase

Strategy: Reiterate value and make it easy to purchase

  • Provide evidence that storytelling is the most effective learning method

  • Provide social proof that the series has helped many students already 

  • Give a call-to-action to purchase and where to buy

✅ Email #1: Lead Magnet

Subject: 🏰🔭 Fairytale Physics: Here’s your free download!

Preview: 🔍You’ve signed up to receive a free download from Sarah Allen.

Email 1 p1 gray.jpg
Email 1 p2 gray.jpg

✅ Email #2: Who is Kip?

Subject: 🧙‍♂️🔭 Fairytale Physics: Who is Kip and what must he do?

Preview: Meet the hero of our story and learn what he does with an 🍎.

email2 p1.jpg
email2 p2.jpg
email2 p3.jpg

✅ Email #3: Who is Sarah?

Subject: 🏰🔭   Fairytale Physics: Meet the author, me!

Preview: 🔍Who is Sarah Allen and where did she get the idea for these books?

email3 p1.jpg
email3 p2.jpg
email3 p3.jpg
email3 p4.jpg
email3 p5.jpg

✅ Email #4: Did you know?

Subject: 🌌🔨 Fairytale Physics: Floating in space with a hammer

Preview: 🔍 Did you know physics could be fun?

email4 p1.jpg

✅ Email #5: Prove it's worth it

Subject: 🏰📖 Fairytale Physics: Don’t miss this learning opportunity!

Preview: 🔍 Did you know kids learn best from stories?

email5 p1.jpg
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